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Our Story

Nail polish is not only a way to enhance our beauty, but it is also a reflection of our mood, our personality, and our creativity. The colors we choose are a form of expression. Whether we choose to have our nails painted in seasonally appropriate colors or we go with a neutral shade, nail polish is an essential accessory resulting in a more poised appearance and a more confident attitude.

The inspiration for the colors of this line trace back to the elements of a garden. The creator of this line grew up in Brazil, where she would wake up and hear the birds, then step outside to watch them fly around as she would eat the tropical fruits grown in her backyard. She became fascinated with the natural beauty around her: the colors, the patterns, and the shades of her surroundings. The colors of this line resemble this natural beauty; they are named for different elements found in gardens like her own. Just like different shades and colors beautify a garden and give it character, these nail polish colors beautify a very noticeable feature of ours: our hands and feet.

With the inspiration originating from Brazil, the concept of this line began in Rosemary Beach, FL. In addition to the beautiful colors of a garden, the nail polish colors also reflect the beauty and exclusiveness of Rosemary Beach, from the exquisite natural elements to the light and bright nail polish colors many locals and tourists wear.

The polish formula eliminates ten of the most harsh chemicals found in most nail polishes. It is not tested on animals, and it is safe for children and pregnant women. Between the clean formula, the long-lasting shine, and the cultural and nature-based inspiration, be sure to check out the many gorgeous colors of this line.


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